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Engelstalige / engelse gedichten

Je vindt hier een overzicht met de mooiste Engelstalige / Engelse gedichten en kleine korte gedichtjes over uiteenlopende onderwerpen. Bekijk gedichten in het Engels die onze dichters hebben gemaakt, er zit altijd wel een mooi engelstalig gedicht tussen dat voldoet aan je wensen!

Heb je zelf één of meerdere Engelse gedichten, of wil je gedichten maken voor deze rubriek? Stuur je gedicht of gedichten dan ter plaatsing naar ons in via de button Gedicht maken/plaatsen. Hartelijk dank!

Yourself yourself 
your hands Your friend 
Young Narcissus you're always in my life 
You got me Singing You don't love me anymore 
You don't know You deserve 
You could understand. You can't drown 
Wretched City Worst enemy 
worlds angel Wolverine 
without you without words 
Winners don't have it all. Windriders 
William Tell William Tell 
Why, Srebrenica, Why? Why are I gone? 
why Whole 
Who am I to say whistling 
where my monsters hide When this becomes true 
When it's my time  What's in a name. 
What screams in me What is it worth? 
WELCOME FRIENDS !!! Weird people 
We are the people waterfall 
Warrior Warn out 
Wanderer waking up 
Wake up waiting for 
V.I.P. = Very Important Person Unus Mundus (One World) 
Untill forever ends (sweet lies) Until I Loved You 
Until under the waves 
under the skin Tweetalig 
tribute to love Treesong 
Total Breakdown To Two Too 
To run a race - fairy tale To old 
To Mankind To Courtney 
To care To another world 
to A Time will heal everything  
Time stood still Time 
Thundercat Thunder 
Thoughts of you Those people are mad 
This is it Thirst 
There comes a time The you that's YOU 
The wild sea. The wheels of time 
The Ways Of Love the venom of that kiss 
The Unheaded Knight The things i say 
The strange dream The storm of hearts 
The squirrel (eekhoorn) The Shadow 
The Seventh Door The second way 
The second choice The sandman murders 
The Runner the road to destruction 
The River the riddle 
The reason The Real Me. 
The presence the past 
the others The other side of me 
The orange rope The only one 
The one and only guitar the old man 
The naughty seafarer The maid 
the light of day The Land Of The Rising Sun 
The inner worlds The image of Alice 
The hedgehog's dream The glorious 
The gift the floods 
The fantastic dream The end of time 
The damned The Cry Of The Willow 
The cat with some food on its back The calling 
The bless The Beauty of the World  
The Battle the accused 
That would be nice That it is time  
That day Thank you 
tears Talking And Sharing 
Take it easy Sweet Vocal 
swearing with no reason Sunset 
Sunryse Sunny-side up 
Stupid and wrong thinking Struggle with myself  
Stronger Strong 
String of lights Stranger 
strangely familiar still 
Star Spin 
spell Sorry 
Soon Soms... 
Somewhere Sometimes a negative feeling wins  
Sometimes a lie is hard as wood. Sometimes 
Sometimes Sometimes 
Something to prove Some time life is good 
Soil withdrawn Slippery 
slather of the beast Skindeep 
Sinner or saint Sinking boat 
Silent silence 
silence sick 
Shooting star She overcome her fear 
She needs a rainbow She ain't you 
shadows of the night Shade 
Sex before marriage September Song 
Separated Lovebirds Senseless violence 
seedlings See Me beautiful 
Second chance Searching for life 
scars Save the children 
Running away Run 
Robin River 
riots or pride Right the wrongs 
Rhyme lime Rhyme in four 
Rent for free Remembrance 
Reincarnation Realization 
Real beauty Rainy days