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Engelstalige / engelse gedichten

Je vindt hier een overzicht met de mooiste Engelstalige / Engelse gedichten en kleine korte gedichtjes over uiteenlopende onderwerpen. Bekijk gedichten in het Engels die onze dichters hebben gemaakt, er zit altijd wel een mooi engelstalig gedicht tussen dat voldoet aan je wensen!

Heb je zelf één of meerdere Engelse gedichten, of wil je gedichten maken voor deze rubriek? Stuur je gedicht of gedichten dan ter plaatsing naar ons in via de button Gedicht maken/plaatsen. Hartelijk dank!

A DREAM01-05-2020Time stood still26-03-2020
Putting an end to it03-03-2020Sunny-side up21-02-2020
Exploding universe17-02-2020Comfortably numb15-02-2020
All my loving15-02-2020Putting you down14-02-2020
A real beauty14-02-2020Tweetalig29-01-2020
Meltdown24-01-2020Question marks20-01-2020
The hedgehog's dream19-01-2020Magical mystery tour26-12-2019
A lot of rubbish too (two....)24-12-2019Laughter14-12-2019
Demons08-12-2019Growing up01-12-2019
The strange dream23-11-2019Nurture your Kharma09-11-2019
Mr. Tambourine man29-10-2019Another dream23-10-2019
Birds of a feather11-10-2019A lot of rubbish08-10-2019
Warn out11-09-2019Passendaele04-09-2019
The bless23-08-2019Faceless and nameless16-08-2019
"Foresight" 15-07-2019Sunryse15-07-2019
Beyond the horizon11-07-2019Itching feelin'07-07-2019
Fly away04-06-2019My broken angel04-06-2019
Fall04-06-2019The fantastic dream14-05-2019
Forgot his phone06-05-2019Instant05-05-2019
your hands22-04-2019demons22-04-2019
the old man20-04-2019seedlings20-04-2019
broken wings20-04-2019Offside13-04-2019
Disclosure10-04-2019The storm of hearts10-04-2019
Running away29-03-2019Like a man29-03-2019
Have to believe29-03-2019Everlasting love16-03-2019
Rent for free09-03-2019The squirrel (eekhoorn)08-03-2019
tribute to love04-03-2019Predestined love03-03-2019
Dreams07-02-2019My State Of Trance07-02-2019
Sweet Vocal03-02-2019Feel My Soundwave03-02-2019
Death28-12-2018Masked dance28-12-2018
The cat with some food on its back21-12-2018Pompous bitch02-12-2018
AT LONG LAST27-11-2018The one and only guitar25-11-2018
the venom of that kiss24-11-2018Cheating23-11-2018
THE SUN REDEEMED29-10-2018Good girl05-09-2018
Blind love30-07-2018Love is blindness30-07-2018
Investigation30-07-2018 Beauty30-07-2018
Sex before marriage30-07-2018Blue09-07-2018
-love-05-07-2018Rainy days04-07-2018
Thirst23-06-2018Rhyme lime23-06-2018
May i23-06-2018Matter more then matter22-06-2018
DO NOT KNOW13-06-2018Rhyme in four05-06-2018
Memories from a widower30-05-2018silence25-05-2018
The maid24-05-2018why23-05-2018
Bereavement19-05-2018Limericks 1119-05-2018
What's in a name.13-05-2018Save the children13-05-2018
Destiny11-04-2018Head Wind22-03-2018
CIVILIZATION09-03-2018The River22-02-2018
The Battle21-02-2018Longing and Farewell21-02-2018
Penelope at the Window21-02-2018September Song21-02-2018
The Seventh Door21-02-2018You got me Singing21-02-2018
Exile - An elegy20-02-2018Wretched City20-02-2018
For a funeral20-02-2018 Passage to the Past20-02-2018
Young Narcissus20-02-2018To Mankind19-02-2018
Death in Venice - epitaph19-02-2018Dark night of the soul19-02-2018
Continuum16-02-2018Meditation on Souls16-02-2018
Betrayal15-02-2018Ash Wednesday15-02-2018
Confession15-02-2018Unus Mundus (One World)14-02-2018
Strong24-01-2018making it worse 14-01-2018
Friendschip13-01-2018Prisoner John 2, end.05-01-2018
Prisoner John05-01-2018Horns07-11-2017
Soil withdrawn07-11-2017Spin01-10-2017
lies?17-09-2017waiting for17-09-2017
Pub Talk08-09-2017Blue Monday 09-08-2017
Sunset06-08-2017Wake up31-07-2017
Guidence 28-07-2017Life16-07-2017
Fear to love13-07-2017Remembrance07-07-2017
What screams in me07-07-2017You could understand.28-06-2017
House of cards28-06-2017Baary time21-06-2017
Maria mother of mercy14-06-2017Pray for the innocents. Manchester( UK)02-06-2017
All the way round10-05-2017To Courtney02-05-2017
Justice at Last.28-04-2017Haunted 23-04-2017
Winners don't have it all.19-04-2017Nature never disappoints17-04-2017
Bunpumps15-04-2017The wild sea.15-04-2017
The things i say01-04-2017I'm not sorry23-03-2017
Sometimes23-03-2017Right the wrongs07-03-2017
The sandman murders03-03-2017Warrior28-02-2017
Robin08-02-2017Friendship 12-01-2017
The image of Alice03-01-2017Are you my friend?31-12-2016
To old30-12-2016Your friend29-12-2016
The only one25-11-2016The you that's YOU24-11-2016
Live is change13-10-2016Every new day grows its fresh roses10-10-2016
A soulmate keeps dancing07-10-2016Differences05-10-2016
Disturb times02-10-2016It hurts me more then you can see01-10-2016
Take it easy01-10-2016Peace is the Holy Spirit18-09-2016
Slippery12-09-2016The second choice11-09-2016
Hurt31-08-2016Sinner or saint22-07-2016
Mindset12-07-2016Sometimes a lie is hard as wood.11-07-2016
A lost summer dream06-07-2016Real beauty06-07-2016
Searching for life04-07-2016We are the people04-07-2016
Heaven took her home.25-06-2016Beyond the cliffs of Dover24-06-2016
To run a race - fairy tale21-06-2016A very wise bird20-06-2016
It goes so much better with a smile15-06-2016to A26-05-2016
Yourself20-05-2016My love05-05-2016
silence04-05-2016Thoughts of you16-03-2016