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Every season comes back, years do not

Every season comes back, years do not
A Love Poem

The world fills again with sunlight
Each new day grows brighter and longer
There is blossom on trees and birds sing a song
The promise of youth and new beginnings

She calls him: 'My big strong dreamer'
They sleep in the grass under the trees
He calls her a thousand sweet names
Their soul love emerging from within

When you're young, spring feels like infinity
As if there's no end to this joy
But in all it's youthful turbulence
Spring passes, slowly summer begins
Great is the sun, and wide his rays go
Through an empty blue sky with repose
Occasionally, by way of contrast
God draws the heavens and sends in the rain

She calls him 'my big love forever'
They sleep on the shore in the starry night
He declares her his love and proposes
In the timeless now, their bond evolves from within

When summer arrives, they rest in her beauty
Their love like two burning diamonds
But soon the heat ends, milder rays descend
Summer passes and suddenly autumn begins
The days grow short, nights getting longer
Storm weeps loudly, rain forming puddles
But that doesn't bother them at all
They still have each other to hide and to hold

She calls him 'my true companion'
Every night they tug their children in
He tells her she made his life complete
They look at their kids and smile from within

When autumn arrives, green meadow turns brown
Their love is touched by warm colors
But soon nature is moving to quiet sleep
Autumn passes and cold winter begins
In winter death caresses everything
That fact can not be eliminated
Briefly like a butterfly is our existence
When you have to let go of each other

She calls him 'her love for eternity'
He lies on her sick bed besides her
Silently holding her in his old arms
A last look in her eyes, cold grows from within

When winter arrives, everything hibernates
Your sap is spent, all is emptiness
You long for a blossom, for new light brought
Every season comes back, years do not

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Geplaatst op: 31-05-2020

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Martine Weber
Actief sinds: 30-05-2020
Informatie bij het gedicht:

This is a poem about the seasons that return, but not the years. It tells the story of 2 young people who grow old together. The poem forms a matrix, if you put all the 1st stanzas of the four seasons next to each other, you also have a poem. The same with the 2nd and the 3th stanzas. Dit is een gedicht 2 jonge mensen die samen oud worden.

Op dit gedicht ‘Every season comes back, years do not’ van Martine Weber zijn auteursrechten van toepassing (©). Het gedicht is onder auteursrechtelijke bescherming geplaatst op Dichters.nl.