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The Battle


Stretching on shoreless the snowy fields lay fair;
The cold wheels tiny tingling bells round in the frozen air
And, resembling one thick woollen blanket on a bed,
Hangs upside-down a sky like lead.

This place has been assigned to me, for here I live and will
Not pass the shed to find some daybreak new, until
A figure dark at the horizon white will show him on his way -
Oh sweet, reluctant amorous delay*!

A tall north wind approaching and a tall north wind returning
The saint by desperation bending hears Satan's fury burning:
‘Unhappy eyes that can't behold your lover's face!
Unhappy ears by stillness deaf condemned!
Unhappy heart, invention of corrupted human race!
Oh cursèd faith! To every spark of hope your innocence thou lendest!
All good omens dead and gone, now dead and never more to be retraced!’

All dead, and yet - life lies awake beneath this forlorn waste.
A track in the snow, and a curve... Who by whom was chased?
What terrible shatterer came and fled in haste
As desperate ambition no response did find,
Hurrying cowardly to our ruin from behind?
The hermit's lion, contracting his instincts, now calms and aims
With caution against despotic intrusion and sick flattering claims.

Here, on the point of two possible movements crossed,
The check point, the still point, where the world is lost
And the silent Word rests on the junction,
Only here the true foresight and transparency function.

A far memory is stirred, aroused from its night -
A sudden flash of Love's radiance bursts into light,
Into glorious colour, fulfilling the prophecy by and by
While the sun with soft grateful tears ascends the sky**.

As we lay warm amidst the winter's weather
It whispers through the landscape deep and wide:
'No more let life divide what death has joined together'*** .

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Geplaatst op: 21-02-2018

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Lilian Muileman
Actief sinds: 13-02-2018
Informatie bij het gedicht:

Deze drie regels zijn van andere Engelse dichters: * John Milton: - Paradise Lost, book IV; ** William Blake – Morning; *** Percy Bysshe Shelley - Adonais: An Elegy on the Death of John Keats. 18 November 1990 From: The Secret Garden

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