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Unus Mundus (One World)


She sang: 'I love the beauty of sunrise
And all the things of the sky
The flowers and fruits of the morning
And the mysterious dark, deep and high.
O Earth! If I had myself wrapped around you
With all the love that I bear,
You would gladly eternally blossom
Under all my life-giving care'.

Silently a star fell through the August night.
It was unseen and none was there
To vow the things it wished.
It fell to earth to set things right
But nobody did know
That this old scattered, lashing light
The universal ponds had fished.

He grieved: 'But all summers have to grow cold
And even the loveliest flower must fade.
By whom were the lost bones in the desert designed?
Who then devised the torment? And the hate?
No dowries upon white-garlanded altars are set
But multitudes of innocent folk instead
By dictatorial hands are pushed
Down the lane to the land of the dead'.

A bird soared the blue and was free.
Priestlike, in splendour, it hunted the heights
Looking down on mountains and mights.
Unaware it was lost in the void of a sea -
Boundless and timeless - with all of its force,
Like a desperate, lone refugee,
It reached for a home where it never could be.

We all seem to fight for keeping a world divided:
Loudly we plead and demand separation.
The flags that we wave, it's long since so decided,
Are for peace and for freedom and an independent nation.
But when will the bird and the star ever meet?
Do they know on what grounds, in which spirit they greet?
In what state and condition will they have their station?
And all passion is one passionate negation.

...All passion is one passionate negation...

28 augustus 1990
Uit: The Secret Garden

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Lilian Muileman
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