Engelstalige / engelse gedichten

Je vindt hier een overzicht met de mooiste Engelstalige / Engelse gedichten en kleine korte gedichtjes over uiteenlopende onderwerpen. Bekijk gedichten in het Engels die onze dichters hebben gemaakt, er zit altijd wel een mooi engelstalig gedicht tussen dat voldoet aan je wensen!

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Beauty  Passage to the Past 
The dark passenger "Foresight"  
'meant' to be -love- 
. (i am i) ....Me 
A believer Without A Why a calming light 
A child and the war A Choice Of Life. 
A cold night in september  A disappearing star 
A Distance  A DREAM 
A feather A friend to me 
A friend to me A girl in my class 
A good heart A heart of gold 
A lost summer dream A lot of rubbish 
A lot of rubbish too (two....) A love poem 
A man A Man In A Thousand  
A mess a name 
A real beauty A soulmate keeps dancing 
A teaspoon A True Friend 
A very wise bird A wish called peace 
abandoned about a woman 
after I'm gone All my loving 
All over All the way 
All the way round Alone with my thoughts 
An angel And I'm gonna crack 
Another dream answers 
answers back Are you my friend? 
As hard as I try Ash Wednesday 
AT LONG LAST At that time  
Autism Melt down step 
Awesome Baary time 
Back in the dark be a friend 
Beauty Being 
Believe Bereavement 
Betrayal Betrayal 
Beyond the cliffs of Dover Beyond the horizon 
BFF engels Birds 
Birds of a feather Bitch 
black rose blacked out 
blackened earth Blind love 
Blue Blue Monday  
Brainiac Broken In The Bud 
broken wings Bunpumps 
Butterfly can of feelings 
canned heat Cant let you go 
Catch If You Can Chasing the horizon 
Cheating chessgame 
CIVILIZATION closed door 
Come to me Comfortably Numb 
Comfortably numb companions 
Complain Confession 
Continuum Country's Bliss 
Creation dancing 
Dancing-Shoes Dansje 
Dark Dark Angel 
Dark night of the soul darkness 
Dear Kane Death 
Death in Venice - epitaph deep inside 
demons Demons 
depression Depression 
Destiny Differences 
Different Difficult 
Disappeared in darkness Disclosure 
Disturb times Divine subject 
Do I need to speak? DO NOT KNOW 
Don’t stop believing Dreaming about the dream... 
Dreams Dreams 
dreams Empty 
End of the Year 2023 EURIDICE TO ORPHEUS 
Ever Lasting Signals Everlasting love 
Every new day grows its fresh roses Every season comes back, years do not 
Everyone is different Exile - An elegy 
experience Exploding universe 
Face your pain and sorrow  Faceless and nameless 
Facial expressions  Failing bullier 
Faithful Love Fall 
Farewell fat 
fear Fear me evil 
Fear to love Feel My Soundwave 
Fever Floating away 
Fly away flying man  
Footsteps in the snow  For a funeral 
For you Forgot his phone 
Freeing friends 
Friendschip Friendship  
Friendship Friendship  
Friendship is Gold frightened 
Frozen heart Full moon gathering 
Geloof in god ghosts of the past 
Given up Go for it 
Go together!  God is master 
Golden drops gone 
gone good feeling 
good genes? Good girl 
Ground Zero Guidence  
Hammer to fall Happy birthday 
Happy Face hatsjoe 
Haunted  Have to believe 
Head Wind Headache 
Health on our plate Heaven took her home. 
Heavenly trip Hell's Angel 
here and queer Hidden in me